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We sell and fit lots of natural carpets and understand the strength and weaknesses of each fibre.
Wool is probably the easiest fibre to fit as it is fitted in the traditional way. However, most other natural fibres require a different method where the carpet is glued to the underlay, preventing the carpet stretching or shrinking.

Some fibres – such as jute – are not hardwearing enough for certain areas, whereas seagrass is very tough but too slippery for stairs. We understand the suitability of each fibre in any given situation.

Use of the wrong fibre can be a safety risk in some areas. Simply Carpets offer expert advice and guidance regarding the suitability of the fibre for an area in your home.

Advice From The Experts


  • Wool, coir, seagrass, jute, sisal, wood
  • Natural renewable materials
  • We understand the strength and weakness of each fibre
  • Our experienced and knowledgeable fitting team will always strive to lay our range of natural flooring to maximise┬ádurability & product longevity
  • We understand the suitability and uses of each fibre
  • A very adaptable relaxed look

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